Autonomous Navigation & Routine Patrols


Sonic Dispersion

Infrared Thermal Imaging & Real-Time Monitoring

Bi-Directional Voice Intercom

Real-Time Face Recognition

Voice Broadcast

Emergency Call (Optional)

All-Terrain MAobility

U-SLAM Autonomous Navigation & Routine Patrols

  • Main components: the lidar and the depth visual camera with real time mapping and positioning accuracy up to 0.05 m
  • Reach the designated target point in the shortest time and path
  • It can quickly complete the construction of a high precision map in a special environment of about 1 million square meters. The map precision can reach 0.02m.

Real-Time Face Recognition

  • Actively use facial recognition algorithms to differentiation between different grouping of people
  • Identify suspicious people using large facial recognition profile databases
  • Improve response time for emergency cases and security information processing
  • Our facial recognition technology, is an important technical breakthrough which is a part of a multi-layered modern security control system.


Power & Petro-chemical Stations

Application Scenario


Boundaries / Airport & Rail Yards


Industrial Warehouses & Industrial Parks


Residential Communities