EBOT Alpha 1E



Intelligent Programmable Companion

Everyone can easily interact with Alpha 1E and experience its entertaining features; they can also enjoy the fun of exploring the possibility of this intelligent humanoid robot

+ Interdisciplinary comprehensive teaching

+ 3D visual programming PC software

+ Centralized control solution




Product Features

Intelligent Companion

-Lifelike action: automatically stand up after falling, walk smoothly and steadily

-Chat, talk and play with the robot

Interactive Entertainment

-Voice interaction to command or talk with the robot

-Ask your robot to do yoga, play Kungfu, dance, tell stories etc.

Programming Education

-Blockly coding

-Systematic courses

Inspiring Creation

-PRP (Pose, Record, Playback) programming

-Various sensors to expand functions

-Online community to share and communicate with user worldwide

Centralized Control Solution

-Easy set up with wireless connection

-Control over 1000 robots




Customizable Skills


-Voice call, video call, voice/text message conversion

Computer Vision Skills

-Facial recognition, object recognition, image recognition


-Robotic photographer, music and dance, story teller, online radio and audio book


-Mathematics training, language study, graphical programming

AI Speech Skills

-Voice recognition, emotion recognition, intention recognition

Life Assistance

Alert and alarm, weather, news, finance, encyclopedia etc.




Intelligent Animated Companion

Advanced Motion Control                         Humanized Interaction                                   Live Communication

Highly flexible movements                             Facial expression, body language                   Intergrated with 4G 

dynamic balance system.                               emotion detection.                                           module, support data and voice communication.